Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three days

Three days! Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have been run days and I have gone 7 miles each day. Actually today I went 7.5 and it was a bit more difficult than the other two days. I did not enjoy the heat at 10:30 this morning. I headed out the door to run to the fitness center at 10:05 and it was starting to warm up quite nicely. Humidity was down which helps me out immensely, but it being the third day and quite warm, it was a difficult run. I ran to the fitness center for my far too infrequent yoga class. Do one hour of yoga and then run home. Running at noontime was really warm and I definitely felt it by the time I was home. But I feel good now and while I think that I will bike tomorrow (it is supposed to be soupy) I do feel good about being able to do all three runs and not feel like crap while out there. So I will look to run Thursday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday go for a longer run. I really need to start cranking up the mileage. I signed up for Bimbler's 50K and StoneCat 50 miler. I also signed up for the Shoreline Biathlon which should give me a good indication of where I stand in fitness. Of course my wife is already complaining that I am over doing it. I told her that I have not even come close to starting to over do it. After all, I have not even made it into the woods yet.

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