Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being the bad guy

I was the bad guy the other night. This is not my normal state of being, especially when it involves children that are not my own. After the group run at East Lyme High School Tuesday evening, I went into the locker room to shower. While I was getting ready to get under the shower, a group of kids came into the locker room from the swimming pool. They all had the look of swimmers, probably young high schoolers or maybe older middle school age. There was probably ten to twelve, joking around which I did not mind. But as I walked to the showers, there was a group of four who were joking around with the removeable shower head. There was another gentleman in the shower and his towel was hanging on the rack, which just happened to be right outside the area with the removable shower head. All of a sudden a spray of water of water hit the man's towel and right away, out of my mouth, comes, "Knock it off". Of course, me with my wild head of hair and what my wife calls my scary voice caused the four kids to immediately shut up and look down at the floor. My first thought was 'where the hell did that come from?' I taught my kids all sorts of things when they were growing up, including squirting water at inappropriate times. So when and how did I become the bad guy? I know that it was the right thing to do, just that it was something that I normally do not do. Has it taken me almost fifty years to outgrow, what do I call it, my childish tendencies? Or maybe it is just an abberation, a blip in the growth (or non-growth) of me. I guess as long as I can still show a child how much fun can be had breaking the soft rules, I can live with a blip.

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