Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long time between posts

Wow, it has been quite some time since my last post. With work and now school, I do not seem to have much free time lately. School is an interesting situation. I do not always agree with the methods and the teachings that the school is having me do, yet I am not sure what I can do with my disagreement. Normally I can be pretty caustic about anything that displeases me, caustic in the sarcastic way. But if I send an email to the professor about something that I do not like, is that going to affect my grade? I am through 4 complete units and until the last on in unit 4, I had gotten 100 on everything. I got a 95 on the last one so I sent an email to the professor asking what it was that I did or did not do, saying that I did not want to repeat whatever it was. She said that I was not as thorough as the others, but if I wanted to argue about it, she would listen. I have to reread what I sent in.
At least the school is keeping me busy. I am not running. Dummy me that I can be, I decided to work on my speed-during some of the worst cold this winter. Three weeks ago last Tuesday, I pulled my left hamstring while doing intervals on the road. I did not run again until the following Saturday. First I did a bike spin in a friend's garage and then I went out for a 6-mile run. At least most of it was in the woods. I should not have done it, but by the time it started to bother me, I was out in the woods and I had to get back, so I continued to run. I went and saw Dr. Strecker and he has been using ultra-sound on it. I can go for a while and think that it is getting better but then I do something like almost run into something and pull up short and oh, the pain! So I am erratically working out; I swam this past Tuesday. I have done yoga once and am doing some body weight workouts. Pretty much takes me out of the running to do the new CT 50K this April. I was looking forward to that. So now hopefully I can get well enough to run the Yale to Harvard race. I would hate to let the team down.

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  1. Oh, Bob. Hang in there. You WILL run again. Hamstrings are a pain in the butt!

    What are you taking in school??