Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting old (?)

Is it getting old or maybe something else? Some disconnect in my mind. I had planned on running Nipmuck Trail Marathon. I was looking forward to it. I knew that I had the application sitting on the dining room table. All I needed to do was fill it out and send it in. Do you think that I did it? This past Friday, I pulled the application out and discovered that I was too late. There is no same day registration and I could not get the application to Nipmuck Dave (race director) since the last day to do so had already passed. So I told Carol that I would be doing a long run on Sunday on the Narragansett Trail. Sunday came around and I grabbed my stuff and headed for North Stonington for what I hoped to be at least four hours on the trail. As I was strapping my backpack with the water bladder on, I realized that I had forgotten my trail shoes. They were still on the front steps of the house. Okay I will just run with the Ecco shoes that I was wearing. Not trail shoes and not really running shoes. But they would have to do. If I had a bad run, I could always blame the shoes. I noticed right away that the tread on the shoes was not built for the trail. I was slipping all over, especially on the rocks. Not a problem, I will just avoid the rocks. Approximately one mile into the run, I realized that I had forgotten my Gu's and my Powerbars. The only food I had was a banana in the backpack. At about the same time I realized that I had run out of the Succeed Tabs and since it was warm out, I might end up with cramping problems without them. So based upon everything that I had forgotten, I decided to cut the run down to three hours. At least I could enjoy myself for a little while. Surprisingly, I did. It was a good run, a semi heat training run. The only bad blip was the two dirt bikes that decided to wander onto the single track instead of staying on the fire roads. But their noise disappeared quickly, leaving me to enjoy the solitude and silence. But I really have to work on the, what was it? Oh yeah, I forgot.

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