Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New reality 2

This might be harder than I thought. I went for a run this morning (before taking my medication). I first slathered on ample amounts of SPF 50 sunscreen lotion. Leaving out the front door, I felt pretty good. Up the street and a left onto Ocean Avenue, running my normal seven backwards. Continued to feel all right through the first mile, which is mostly uphill. Once I crossed Willets Avenue and started downhill toward Bank Street, I started feeling different, bordering on lousy. It happened pretty quick, just feeling blah, like I had completely nothing in the tank. The sun did not seem to bother me too much. I think I probably have to get some more of this stuff into my system before the sun sensitivity starts happening. Going down Bank Street and taking a right on Howard, I kept plugging away, keeping a semi-hopeful pace going. Through the two traffic circles and onto Pequot Avenue, I started dragging. Then as I passed Stash's, I did something that I do not normally do. I started walking. Walked for about one minute, felt a little better and started running again. Felt good for about two minutes, slammed back into feeling lousy and continued running as best that I could for the next two miles and then walked again by the private beaches on Pequot. Unfortunately that was not the last time. Once I started up Ocean Avenue, I ended up walking for a bit. After that, I slogged my way through the rest to home. I sweated a lot, felt lousy and was still glad that I got out there. Of course, with the medication, I am not supposed to eat for one hour after I take the pill. I lasted 30 minutes and then I HAD to eat. So I will try to have the pill before I leave the house and see if that works, because when I get done working out, I gotta eat.

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  1. Oh, no! Fell better, Bob. I had Lymes a couple of years ago and it wiped me out. Got better fairly quickly as I recall.

    I am back to running again. Got the okay from the PT. Gotta hit the trails again.....