Sunday, May 3, 2009

First time

This is a new experience for me. I have written articles for a running club's newsletter, but nothing like this. I went for a run this morning on a local trail with a friend, John, who has decided to give an ultrarun a try. I wanted to get in some time on the trail before next weekend just to have my trail legs when I get to the race, although the course for the race sounds like a walk in the park compared to the local trail. One of my biggest peeves is the fact that people treat the outdoors as their own trashcan, no matter where they may be. When I race on the trails, I take extra time to pick up other runners gu packs (they should know better) for disposal when I finish. So this morning while running out and back, I saw a piece that had broken off of a motorcycle laying on the trail. Of course, the owner of the motorcycle obviously could not be bothered to take care of it himself. I saw it on the way out and remembered it when we were heading back to the vehicles. Why go on about this? I am not sure why it bothers me so much. I take my dog for a walk, taking extra bags with me. A walk that normally would take 20 minutes takes me an extra hour because I am picking up the trash along the road! It drives me crazy that people 1) throw things out of their cars and 2) cannot pick up the garbage that accumulates in front of their homes. Do they not care what their own property looks like? Obviously not.

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  1. Hi Bob. Welcome to the blogging world! I totally agree about the trash, though it sounds like you are much more diligent than I am in picking it up. I should make more of an effort. This is the sort of thing that actually makes a difference in the world.