Monday, May 18, 2009

So I took most of this past week off from running, allowing my legs to hopefully rest. Of course, I biked to work everyday, including Saturday, so I am not sure how rested they were Sunday when I ran the Trails for a Cure race in Cockaponset State. Eight miles in the woods, through mud and water, over rocks and roots. Aaah, nirvana! Once I finished, I turned around and ran back onto the trail, this time running it backwards. Again, a good run, although I really had to pay attention as the race course was marked with orange paper plates in one direction. But no worries, I still had a good time. Getting out in the woods allows my mind to wander while also making my mind pay attention, heed the signals that the trail sends to my eyes. Running on the roads, my mind also wanders but there is also less to heed from the roads, although the cars can be dangerous. I, like many trail runners, feel a whole lotta free on the trails. As I ramp up the time on the trails, the better I will feel going longer.

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