Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So here I am, four days from running the Green Trail 50K on Long Island and I am still not sure how I am feeling about doing a longer run this coming June. The run was pretty good; the trails were a surprise, at least for me and there was some good mud. Who knew that Long Island had trails. The day started with some rain before the race that primed the trail with some muddy spots. The temp was slightly warmer than what I have been comfortable with. While the run itself was pretty good, the thought that I had around the 27 mile mark was "In every ultra race that I have done, the taste of whatever I eat seems to be increased markedly". I said this to one of the awesome volunteers who was manning the aid station that I was ate. It seems like my taste buds get super charged after running for distance. I really enjoy the taste of what I eat (so far). Of course, I also consider how lucky I am that I seem to be able to eat whatever I want while I run. Other people are not so lucky. So now I need to do some thinking about the June race. I also need to convince my wife to let me do it if that is what I decide. Here's to decisions.

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