Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Sunday run

So I did something that I was very proud to do, but it was something that I would much rather not do. Sunday I ran in the Steve Hancock Memorial Run/Relay. Steve Hancock, for those who do not know, was a runner, a good friend, a Mohegan Strider and Marine Corp Vietnam Veteran. A group of Steve's friends set this up to remember Steve's passion for running and for living. It is an informal run in the sense that there is no sign up, no one keeping time, everyone supporting everyone else. There are seven legs, 6 being running legs and 1 being a walking leg. We carry the American Flag, the Marine Corps Flag and the MIA Flag. I planned on running the whole thing, as I do every year. Although I would much rather do my long runs on the trails, I do this road run to honor Steve's memory. A group of 7 runners started from the Colchester Green at 9 am in a steady rain and cool temps. Running through the town of Colchester (and beyond) elicted a steady sound of horns echoing in support of our little Memorial show. Once we got out of town, it was not as steady, but it was nice every so often. Within an hour the rain had stopped and the sun was steadily making its way from beyond the clouds. While my goal was to run the entire way, my pace was slower then the other runners. So after some contemplation on my part while in the 5th leg and realizing that the day had warmed up quite consideredly, when I reached the change over for the 6th leg about 10 minutes behind the group I took a break. I told John that it would be better for me to catch a ride to the start of the last leg and run in with them then to slow everyone down by trying to continue. I got a break, cooled down, re-hydrated a bit and was ready to go. The last leg was mostly uphill and while it was a struggle at the end, it was also very satisfying to complete most of the course. I have to remember to reorder some S-caps. Ran out and really could have used them during the run.

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